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  Web hosting accounts start at $9.95. All accounts are full featured and come with unlimited traffic and unlimited storage.
Speed, reliability and excellent customer service make FB.NET your high-quality, cost effective Internet web hosting service for business or personal use. You can trust that your website on the Internet will have the support and quality of services that give our customers an advantage over their competitors.


http://yourcallsign.6m.net/ $9.95/month

Description Setup Charge Monthly Charge
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding
  • Unlimited Email Aliases

    • i.e.ANYLETTERS@yourcallsign.6m.net
  • Private FTP Access to your site
  • 15 Pop Accounts
  • Daily Server Statistics
  • Daily Tape Backups
  • Server-Side Includes
  • Public CGI-BIN
  • Your own Private CGI-BIN

$40 / Setup

$9.95 / Month

Please allow a week at least to setup after order.
First step to obtain the unique URL is to send email to postmaster@6m.net using the form follows:
We will send you detailed instruction for payment after receive your mail for order.
Money Order or IRCs are accepted.

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