Free!! Mail Forwarding Service

You can obtain the one of the Shortest e-mail QTH including your callsign as Free!!. If your callsign is M1DVF and you love the SIX, your e-mail QTH is as just, only "".


This service has handled non-automatically. Not a e-mail reflector (mailing list). We change some configurations on our server directly for your forwarding to you. Since this un-developed system, your request (new/renew/change registration) will be not effective soon. Please allow a week at least to setup your 6m base. To set your forwarding email address, just send email to using the form follows:

Free Service Requested:

New Change Delete

Callsign (New E-mail QTH):

Forward to E-mail Address:

Don't use any other e-mail alias/forward/redirection address.
i.e. @geocities, @xoom, or ham-radio related domains...
We will check your previous address..

Again your E-mail Address now:

QRA (Family, and Given):

QTH (For snail mail):

QTH (4 digit Grid Locater):



Do you love SIX ?:

Yes! I love 6m! & I agree the policy of
No! I do NOT need new E-mail QTH on

Comment or Question:

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